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“I started this process on November 2nd at 220lbs. I was tired all the time and couldn’t keep up with my three year old. I did the first challenge and lost 25lbs. At that time I was in quarantine for a COVID exposure and I got very sick. But I kept going. When I started the second challenge I weighed 195lbs. The weight came off more slowly and I was frustrated! But I persisted because I was feeling so much better! I lost another 16lbs. I just continued to trust the process and reminded myself that it’s not just the number on the scale that matters! I still indulge at times but overall I eat well and exercise regularly. I can maintain this long term! I still have a little ways to go but I feel so great! I’m not tired all the time and I can keep up with my three year old. We are not defined by a number on a scale. Stay safe ❤️”

JACLYN CHRISTINE @chrislyn0330

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“While other programs tell you to only count calories, eat or cut out certain foods, or assign points to foods (with no explanation of why), the NardiNutrition Program teaches you the knowledge and science behind every step. This has been the true difference for me. I wasn’t given a strict outline to be followed from day 1, but was guided with small, realistic goals and tasks, constant support, and daily lessons to build a solid foundation. Understanding the nutritional side of food and having the freedom and feedback to adjust my intake, made me more accountable and more successful in this lifestyle change. 


Now, in just 3 short months, I’m down nearly 20lbs. Not only do I physically look more fit, I feel amazing: I’m stronger, I have more energy, and my anxiety levels have decreased. Daniele’s approach proves that a healthy body and a healthy mind truly go hand-in-hand.”

ALEXANDRA @ber_alexandra


"I have learnt so many new ways to eat healthy for my body but still enjoy some pizza or chips.



Dani's principles has absolutely transformed the way I see my body and my approach to living a healthy lifestyle. With Dani you know you can trust that she sincerely loves what she does and wants to help you every step of the way in overcoming obstacles and achieving your fitness goals.."

BRIGETTE DULAC @beesgirls0714

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"After two years of leading a sedentary life, I began to struggle with the effects of having fatty liver. For a year I made changes in some eating habits but it did not improve, one day I began to try CrossFit and functional exercises and it was  as well as I began to see positive results in my health and my body but after six months I felt that I was moving slowly and that I had little energy to train.  It was there when Daniele entered my story of improving my quality of life, the changes that I had already been observing in myself, multiplied by three with Daniele's guidance and advice.  The best thing about working with her is that you learn that sometimes what seem like healthy habits are not completely healthy and you also learn that following a nutritional program does not necessarily have to mean a sacrifice or starving hours or giving up everything you like. I have learned how important it is that physical exercise goes hand in hand with good eating habits, habits that will depend on the results you want to obtain.


So far, I have lost 35 pounds, feel healthy, in a better mood, stronger and energetic, and have started shopping for clothes a size or a size and a half smaller."

REIMY CHAVEZ @reimychavezperche

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I’ve been working with Daniele since March of 2019 and have since then learned a ton about what food to eat, not only to optimize my training but also for a healthy life style and the emotional part of eating. I’ve seen huge improvements in my body composition and training/competition-wise in CrossFit. I now know how to choose high quality foods that are nutrient-dense vs calorie-dense. She’s guided me during my recent pregnancy and now postpartum period to make sure I eat enough for training and baby/nursing. Can’t recommend enough!


HILDA AHNSTEDT  @hilda_ahnstedt

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“I have finally found the best Nutrition coach for me! I had been struggling with my weight, bouncing around from diet to diet, feeling restricted, and left out from all daily activities. Finding her has taught me how to have a good relationship with food, and the ability to enjoy life on a daily basis.  I highly recommend her!!”


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"I’m writing to you today to say THANK YOU! In so many ways has your program helped me. I am eating healthier, I feel healthier, I am emotionally more balanced, I feel more confident. The main difference between your program and many other nutritionists is that you teach us. It’s not a case of “eat this or eat that”. Because it’s not that simple. There’s always things we don’t like to eat and it makes us struggle. Or things we really like and they take it away, which eventually, as you so correctly say... makes us fail in the end.


I have learned so much about protein, the importance of veggies and certain fats, how the body processes certain foods, that it’s perfectly fine to have a slice of pizza, how in the end everything is linked. What you eat, how you eat it, how much water you drink, how much you sleep. Everything.


I am beyond grateful and today, seeing my before and after I cried. Because I can’t believe the changes achieved in just two months.


Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏🏻”


MAUREEN DE VRIES @maureenrianne


I've worked with Daniele for 6 months. I've never been good at losing weight, so I was amazed that I've now LOST 26lbs total! I eat everything I want while always keeping focused on my goal. She has taught me not only to eat well but also about how sleep, stress and hydration affect your overall well being. If I can do this, anyone can! Excellent coach. Highly recommend her.


DEBORAH @scooterdaisy

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